This is me.....

Hi and welcome to my little world of everything arty

My name is Allie Marie
My world is my Little man of 9 now
.......where did that time go ??
He brings me joy, hope, love and grey hair all in the one package !!

          I have had a love of anything arty since I can remember,

been making cards for 8 years now,
 and have developed a keen passion for well anything inky and messy lol!!
 and really started to dabble in scrap booking the last 4 years,
I have always been told that I was born with a paint brush in my hand
as that was what I was doing when other kids where out playing and doing other suff...
no not me I was always creating something!!
 So hence my love and now passion ( obsession!!!)
 of this wonderful world of scrap and cards, tags, mixed media ,
altered art kinda world.
I hope you enjoy my creations
and that it gives you a little inspiration.
 I'm still learning this Blog thingy!!
and hope to make this a place that is enjoyable to you as it is for me,
so Happy Crafting
  xx Allie Marie

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