17 February 2017

My Vintage Helmet Paper Mache Style

Well as promised...
just took longer than I'd hoped, but here are my photo's 
of my still completing helmet.

Yes I made this from scratch, I love, love paper mache' and well this took my creativeness
to a new level!!
See what ya think .....

warning lots of photos !!
Well I had to share my process (wink,wink)

Well here you can see my "Prima flowers" and cogs,wheels leaves ect
that ive started to gesso in black ( Finn Inspired!!)

 Some more "Prima "goodies Oh yes I did......painted them all black!!

 Here is the start of the painting on my helmet

 Yep the hinge works!!

 Had me some fun trying to hold the stencil in place to mould around the head part

Used some Finn stones and black textured sand all over!!
Love this stuff !!

Adding more texture stones and hardware that i had collected

I love this .....my fav steam punking!!

Till next time when I reveal it finished 
Take care xxx