14 June 2013

"Prima June Bap"

Well good morning all,
 hope this winter weather is keeping you crafty busy!!
I have a Lo to share with you that has an old twist
( if you'll pardon the pun!!)
to it....Quilling I know right!!
I have had these baby photo's and didnt know what to do with them
I searched around to see what was the trend at the mo and well
so I decided to have a play with the Prima June Bap
and came up with this.....
Hope you like it!!
I have titled it "10 Little Fingers and !0 little Toes"

Using the ever lovely Prima "Fairy Ryhmes" paper I choose to go for a
subtle hint of added colour... and added some shabby effects.
The cheese cloth behind the butterflies, white wash on the flowers
and some snow paint on the birds and dragonflies.

I cant believe my little man used to be that small.....
well he wasn't a small bubba "9 pound10" !!
I love these photos and imagery of the size of my hand and his
so glad I took them even if they are colour challanged and
not quite visually accurate!! hence the B and W..

So I started off the other arvo thinking what can I do that's different
what can I do to bring in a flourish feel to my L.o without the blingy stuff!!
 So I cut up my scrap bits of Prima papers to match in colour theme
 and started to quill the old circles...and well "ta da"!!!
I know right I was quite pleased with the outcome...
took me most of the arvo to glue them alltogether
and then to position them and glue some more !!
Ahh the joy of waiting for glue to dry heeheehee!!

some close ups of my little flourishes and the die cuts!!

wouldn't be my layout with out some brick wall hey!!
 The flowers are just enough to add a soft appeal
and a little whimsy just perfect for another baby L.o
wow I'm really on a roll with these now...
ahhh Inspiration never too late!!
Hope you enjoy and it inspires you too to bring something old back in!!
Have a go it's really quite easy and very therapeutic!!

This is the Prima sketch !!

Happy Craftin

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